To the JEWS :


    Facts are facts, if you believe the Torah, then you must recognize that all humans are derived from Adam and Eve, and share that family line, and that Abraham also through Isaac and Ishmael is the father of both the Jews and Arabs in general meaning that while we all may share many different mothers and family lines, the Jews and the Arabs are the most closely related and as close as family as people world wide can be, and the conflict comes down to usury, and whether they are recognized as BROTHERS under God the creator, which Jesus tried to express, the global brotherhood as we are all created by the one father in heaven, and the best argument for why the JEWS should support and help me, is that in Israel their Caliphate council would be run mostly by JEWS, and that by making peace and giving back a lot of land (with homes on them) you can have some peace, and move forward with the global economic policies I propose as Caliph of God, which would provide vast funding options to expand your deserts into farm land, and begin long term launch preparations to launch the best and brightest of the JEWS into deep space to colonize the stars.    But that can only happen when we have peace, cooperation, sit as brothers under the one roof of the one God with all people, and work with them as one people for mutual benefit and development.  The JEWS were commanded by God to lead, and thus far you have all failed miserably, but it is not too late, as the world needs leadership, needs the faithful to organize for the good of the whole, as one family, ONE GLOBAL FAMILY.  
   MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL HOWEVER is that if you recognize the awesomeness of God to touch the minds of Abraham, Moses and all the prophets, then it becomes possible that God could of touched many minds to lead many around the world and lead them all to the ONE GOD, same one God, and if we recognize that we all agree that there is only one God, and that Allah only means God as a word, then we find there is no reason for conflict, and it becomes a question of brotherhood and hugs literally, whether we will embrace each other as Jews, Chrsitians and Islamists etc, or will we reject the brotherhood of God's children?  Whether we like it or not the brotherhood exists, because we can all as humans share our women and produce children together, and there is no denial of these facts, we are one people and need to be acting that way, and if the JEWS as a whole can accept the Islamist as one of God's children, as brothers fitting to all USURY laws, then true long term peace can be had, by following the advice of the Caliph, and unifying together under the one GOD, made a reality in daily life by building EMPIRICAL HOUSES OF GOD to share.