The conflict is whether you all as Hindus are believers in the ONE GOD, which is the one God of Abraham, of Moses, of Jesus and of Muhammad which is also referred to as Allah, NEITHER God nor Allah being a name, but is a term used to decribe the creator of the universe who's name cannot be spoken with human words, and when Moses spoke to God the only name given was, "I AM, THAT I AM." ALONG THIS SAME LINE, we find that Hindu Gods all share distinct natures, in that none of them is all encompassing but instead they each take on roles and control over various cosmic forces and aspects of reality and time and space, so the only consideration that can be found which makes sense is that Hindu gods are personified expressions of cosmic forces which control nature and reality  but are not each or any in themselves the whole of God, since the creator AS SUCH must exist outside our universe in HEAVEN to create the universe, and could then otherwise be managing strings of reality and all Hindu considerations of multiple Gods maybe seen as directed focused metaphycial attempts to pull on the control strings of the one God.  Just as the Jew or Christian or Islamist prays to Allah for favor, for help, for forgiveness, for love, for hope, for strength, for all things always, so too are the Hindus praying, but in your case praying to specific parts or channels / representatives of the ONE GOD, as such peace can be had, and the war of conversion can end, because you would already believe in the ONE GOD CONCEPT, if you as a Hindu accept that what you have called Gods are all distinct aspects of the ONE WHOLE GOD, and that you just get very specific about the parts which are represented as cosmic forces which Allah may directly control or which Allah may allow to operate based on some natural preset pattern of ratios as found in the equations and universal constants of science, or possibly by spiritual forces and or beings (ANGEL LIKE BEINGS) set to manage such things on behalf of the almighty ONE GOD..  THIS STATEMENT, if made globally by Hindus would literally declare brotherhood with the Jews and Christisn and Islamists because it would say you believe in the ONE GOD CONCEPT, creator of the whole universe which as such, must exist in mystery outside our entire space and time, and that what you as Hindus call multiple Gods are specific parts of the ONE GOD'S FORCE MANIFESTED WITHIN THIS UNIVERSE, and that you have been in practice, appealing too representations of various parts of Allahs universal cosmic natural forces and powers. IN THIS WAY, LONG TERM PEACE IS HAD, and we can all begin reading each others books.

     Hindu as a religion is so vast as to require distinctness from general metaphysical spiritualism, HOWEVER it is likely Hindus would dominate these endevors. Yet fanatical adherance to dogma can blind one to the truths which science can reveal.   It is brotherhood which can unify the world and end the conflict, and by sharing one religious space, AN EMPIRICAL RELIGIOUS CENTER.