Freedom vs Civil Liberties : In 1933, they literally took away constitutional freedom and rights and protections, and gave the people something else, called Civil Liberties, which is granted at the pleasure of the Federal Government, and slowly over the past 90 years, they have created more and more RULE based laws, 'statute laws' which the people are forced to obey, 66 million laws and counting,  ALL  OF  WHICH  IS  UN-CONSTITUTIONAL, when applied to actual people. (Statutes of any kind are not admissable as evidence against a human in  a COMMON LAW COURT OF RECORD, a court of original juridiction, and as such, no state or Federal government could make statutes applicable to control the behavior of any free SOVERIEGN citizen.)


  THAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE COMMON LAW, to protect the people from endless law making by assholes in government. This is why the founding fathers established the COMMON LAW LEGAL SYSTEM... to prevent any idiots in power from making endless laws like the old kings of Europe which over time, WILL WRITE ENDLESS LAWS.

   THEY (FDR 1933/1938) took away the protection of the common law legal system, as provided for in the Constitution, and forced all the people into 14th amendment Federal citizenship, and Social Security corporate status, without our clearly informed understanding, so that they may enforce endless laws on us, most especially taxation, under penalty of prison, which is something they simply could not do in a constitutional common law court. (So, those who favor taxes, AND THE DRUG WAR and wanted to oppress all the minorities, and did not want minorities to have guns, found ways to change the system and rob the people.)

 We got ripped off.

The problem here, typically is that the average American does NOT realize what the Common Law is... or was.    So, let me explain, as simply as I can.

  Under the Common Law AS IT WAS BEFORE 1933, it was difficult if not impossible to force the masses of people TO PAY TAXES, OR PREVENT THEM FROM POSESSING DRUGS OR GUNS OR ANYTHING ELSE, and the Federal government was completely unable to write laws applicable to the Free People, and so, in order to enforce an income TAX on the people, they had to get around the Constitution and the Common Law legal system it provides, which prevented the Federal government from being able to write endless laws and FORCE TAXATION by law, as by the point of a gun and threat of prison...   I.e...  Under Common Law freedom, any failure to pay income taxes (OR DRUG POSESSION) , was not a jailable offence, since under the Common Law, no damage or harm had been done, and the only way to legally allow for enforcing income taxes under the Common Law, would be by constitutional amendment, stating clearly the powers of enforcement...  An amendment which would be difficult if not impossible to pass, even today.
THEY FOUND A WAY around the Common Law legal system..... FIRST THEY TOOK AWAY ALCOHOL...  THEN they gave it back, and while America was drunk and happy they very quietly changed the legal system...  which is something the Federal government HAS NEVER BEEN EMPOWERED TO DO.   (They need an amendment to make such changes)


   Bascially, FDR said trust us to be able to make endless laws,  BUT AS PART OF THIS NEW DEAL OF 1933, the government LOWERED the punishment for most real crimes, IN EXCHANGE FOR THE POWER TO WRITE ENDLESS LAWS...  is that fair?     A RAPIST WHO WOULD OF GOTTEN EXECUTION OR LIFE IN PRISON, NOW GETS 5 YEARS, is that fair???  IS IT FAIR, just because the government can now write laws over taxes???  no!!!

 Today, rapists, murderers, theives and all manner of real criminals gained.. LIGHTER SENTENCES, but the rest of us the free people, MUST OBEY 66 million new laws???  IS THAT FAIR?


NO, it was not a good deal, not fair, to give the government unlimited law making powers, especially since it reduced the punishment for all real crimes because THAT MAKES THE INNOCENT PEOPLE victims twice, FIRST IN BEING ROBBED OF FREEDOM, and SECOND when robbed and assaulted by criminals who will NOW be lightly punished.  IT WAS A BAD DEAL!!!!!!   

Civil liberties, were established in 1933, as part of the NEW DEAL OF 1933.      Prohibition, being a perfect example of the difference between constitutional freedom and government imposed Civil Liberties.... such that before 1933, they had to have a constitutional amendment to prevent our free people (you and me) from having the God given right to consume Alcohol or anything else for that matter, because under the constitutional legal system, being the Common law... people are free to do what they wish, posess what they wish, in all ways, always, as long as they do no harm and do not infringe on the rights and freedom of any other people, or damage any property.
THAT WAS REAL FREEDOM... PROVIDED BY THE COMMON LAW!!!  But, after 1933/1938 the government can write any law to make anything illegal WITHOUT A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT, and how???   Because it legally usurped the constitution with EMERGENCY WAR POWERS. (And the supreme court caved)

In 1933, THEY TOOK AWAY freedom, and they gave us Civil liberties, by forcing us all into 14th amendment Federal citizenship.   That is key, because this form of citizenship was not required before 1933, until when FDR used emergency war powers to force it upon the people. WHICH IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!   That is key... because in the 14th amendment, it states, we are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. (as the United States).

    It says, United States, which legally, means, the Federal Government, to distinguish it from state governments.    And it says clearly, it... provides privileges and immunities, which free people as state citizens did not need, do not presently need, and would not want, if they are subject to the common law, as free people.
Amendment 14 - Citizenship Rights. Ratified 7/9/1868. (at end of civil war!)
1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

   This was a protection given to ex-slaves, who at the time had no protections under the Common law, and so this 14th amendment was written to protect them.
As 14th amendment citizens, the Federal government gained the power to write and impose statutes to define the actual effective limits of their Rights, and by law could protect them, by demanding that all state courts prosecute them, only in accordance with Federal statute laws. (Which was not required for prosecuting any free people, who were state citizens who were as such only prosecutable in a constitutional Common Law court.)

In other words...   it was at the time 1933, that there were two kinds of citizens.
        1) Free people....   as Constitutional state citizens, with Common Law Protection.
        2) Ex-slaves (Freed people)...   with NEW Federal citizenship, to protect them from abuse.

The NEW DEAL of 1933 '''made us all''' into Ex-slaves,  with no Common Law protections.
Is that right?????????   HELL NO!!!!!!!


Let me put it this way...
If today you are dragged into a Common law court, the court prosecutor would have to show the court that you actually did something really wrong, as a true crime, and provide evidence of it.
    In a modern statute court, the prosecutor need only show that you broke a rule (violated a statute), and the jury is only told to decide if you indeed broke that rule, and NOT whether OR NOT it was a real crime OR NOT.

    In a statute court, they would only need to show that there is a statute which makes for example DRUG POSESSION, OR FAILURE TO PAY INCOME TAXES, a STATUTE CRIME, and as such., all they need to do is show the jury that you did or did not these things, which if the jury agrees with it, would only prove you broke a statute rule, but, even though you broke a statute rule, you still may never of did anything wrong.. (BUT THAT DOESNT MATTER IN A STATUTE COURT, because with Civil Liberties.. we are forced to obey all statutes, as if they are actual crimes!)
Thats the difference between constitutional Common Law freedom, and Civil Liberties.
With Common Law Freedom, you can do as you please, as long as you cause no harm, or recklessly endanger others.
With Civil Liberties, you literally must obey millions of statutes, and in court they actually tell you, "ignorance of the law is no excuse!", and if you break their pety rules, or fail to pay their tax, OR POSESS THINGS THEY 'SAY'
 ARE BAD FOR YOU, they treat you like you are an actual criminal, because you broke their little rule.


And so, consider also....
Amendment 7 - Trial by Jury in Civil Cases. Ratified 12/15/1791.
    In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.
This has been violated everyday since 1938...  THERE IS NO MORE COMMON LAW...  they trashed it, because it was our protection of freedom from them and their endless law making.



Amendment 5 - Trial and Punishment, Compensation for Takings. Ratified 12/15/1791.
    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
An infamous crime, is a felony, which is punishable by more than one year!!!!!!!!
There are a lot of statute crimes, called a felony, punishable by more than one year. (today!!!) 
But today... PEOPLE ARE ARRESTED EVERYDAY... and convicted... but are they indicted by a grand jury???????????????     NO.... THEY ARE NOT...   PROOF...  YOU LOST YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!      (as demanded by the 5th amendment?)



With Civil Liberties (1933-1938), the prosecutor can just PROSECUTE YOU, without a grand jury! Because under Civil Liberties, we have no Bill of Rights, or Constitutional protections, because they previously forced us all into 14th amendment Federal citizenship....   EX-SLAVE STATUS.

Civil Liberties, is not provided for in the Constitution... ONLY COMMON LAW FREEDOM.
The Common Law is, and IT AND THE STATUTE COURT SYSTEM  are not compatible.
Then. in 1938.... After several years of the Federal government attempting to write statute laws into the Common Law system, which was the one which existed since the founding fathers.. the Supreme court found, rightly, that the Federal Government has NO POWERS, to write law under the Common Law.
So what did FDR do?????????        IN 1938???    WITH EMERGENCY WAR POWERS???????
  He used Emergency War Powers, unconstitutional war powers, to simply throw out 150 years of Common Law, and force the system to start over, with the Statute system, being forced upon all the people, using... Federal Citizenship, Social Security, and Contract law, to rob the people of Common Law freedom.
The legal system provided for in the Constitution was formally changed in 1938 through the Supreme Court decision in the case of Erie Railroad Co. v. Tompkins, 304 US 64, 82 L.Ed. 1188.
On April 25, 1938, the Supreme Court overturned the standing precedents of the prior 150 years concerning "COMMON LAW" in the federal government.




The significance is that since the Erie Decision case, no cases are allowed to be cited that are prior to 1938. As for the system to be legal, there can be no mixing of the old law with the new law, since the New Law is not constitutional.  
The Common Law is the fountain source of Substantive and Remedial Rights, if not our very Liberties, and we must RESTORE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  THIS is how they took away freedom, (1938)  when they ended the Common law, because earlier in 1933, as part of the NEW DEAL they had already got America to agree to CIVIL LIBERTIES, by forcing everyone into 14th amendment Federal citizenship, which made this crime possible.

THEY DID THESE THINGS SLOWLY... So people dont SEE IT, OR...   get upset.
WE THE PEOPLE GOT ROBBED OF FREEDOM, and we must get it back!!!!!

Proposals for Freedom vs Civil Liberties :
From the ISSUES section, I will do the following as President within my first 10 days.
         ---->     MY TEN DAY PLAN
1)  I will immediately sign an executive order to officially end ALL declared states of Emergency going back to 1933, the National Emergencies ACT of 1976 notwithstanding, and in clear language end all Federal and Congressional and executive powers granted by any declaration of Emergency in the past or present, and officially, in ABSOLUTELY clear terms, re-instate the U.S. Constitution, as the rule of law, AS IT IS WRITTEN, and call on Congress to set about a Constitutional convention to work out amendments to re-organize our nation back into a proper Constitutional Republic, and in so doing, set my people free.  I will then immediately, sign another Executive order, declaring a New general state of emergency so that everything can continue smoothly, which is limited to 2 years, as per the National Emergencies ACT of 1976, and call on Congress to resolve itself in that time.  ---->  RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION
  I will also order, that all 'filings by our nation, and treaties made and held in foreign lands, or with foreign powers, since 1933, are hereby null and void, and each contract and long standing agreement of any concern to any other nation or the U.N. or any other body or group, or entity, must be re-negotiated in public with the new Constitutional government once it is in place, after Congress resolves the Constitutional Convention.
4)  I will immediately sign an executive order, ordering that all U.S. citizens, born here, are here by free of all obligations in presumed contracting, with the Federal, State, County, or city Governments, and are no longer punishable by statute,  and all Constitutional Common Law rights and freedoms are restored as it was before 1933, and all citizens in Prison are given the option of having a re-trial in a Common Law court if they so wish it.  And I would so order that from this day forward, all Violent criminals, murderers and rapists, will no longer get a mattress and a TV,  but instead by law will get Common Law hard labor-chain gang-prison camps, and will build the new Federal mining and energy development projects, and in so doing, repay their debt to society, literally.   And I would also order a media campaign to explain the restoration of freedom, and so motivate and offset Congress's probable attempt to crush the Common Law by new amendments.  
When the Constitution is restored as law, the common law legal system also gets restored, and as such, the people regain freedom by ending the mandatory 14th amendment Federal citizenship forced on the people in 1933. As under the common law, people are sovereign free people (State citizens), who are free to do as they please, go where they please, posess what they please, so long as they do no harm, do not endanger others, and do not damage any property or otherwise infringe on the freedom of other free people.

THAT WAS (IS) FREEDOM, and under the common law, the only REAL CRIMES, are rape, murder, thieft, assault, liable, and the doing of harm in some way to people or property, or the infringement of the rights and freedoms of others, and the punishment for violations of the common law, was hard labor, or in the case of rapists, execution, or life in prison.
   Under the common law, THERE IS NO REVOLVING DOOR PRISON SYSTEM... that door is closed, and with real punishment as a real deterrent, criminals knew better than to continue to commit crimes, because they will not be getting to watch TV, or have decent foods, or the ability to sit around and socialize. No.. they all get hard labor, and must literally work to repay their debt to society, with labor. (The ACLU was re-organized in 1933, to protect criminals, from the unlimited law making of the NEW DEAL government, and as such, are partly to blame. )
THE ENTIRE STATUTE LEGAL SYSTEM.. was an experiment started in 1938, and it was forced on the people, and it is inherently un-constitutional, because it robs the people of constitutional freedom, and is the greatest evidence we have for the oppressiveness of our government at this time.   It must end, and common law freedom MUST BE restored.
Good people should be free, and bad people should actually be punished.
( the common law says..... NO HARM = NO FOUL )
( HARM = violence, thieft, rape, murder, damage.. etc....)

In 1933, FDR forced all Americans into Federal citizenship, and over the past 90 years, have robbed us all of every shred of freedom the American people once had, by raising the children of America to think that the existing statute court system, is constitutional, WHEN  IN  FACT,  IT  IS  NOT. 
   IT IS A SHAM.. a crime against freedom, and they have used it to fill the prisons with literally millions of people, who under the Constitution should never of been arrested in the first place, all of which, HAS NOT MADE US SAFER, since as part of the NEW DEAL of 1933, they literally reduced the punishment  for  REAL CRIMINALS (LIKE RAPISTS), in exchange for the power to make endless laws OVER THE abundant DECENT law abinding peoples.

We want our freedom back! And with such,  the Common Law justice of the Constitution restored, which will CLOSE the REVOLVING DOOR PRISONS  for good, by providing real hard labor punishment for real crimes, as a real deterrent, AND END STATUTE ENFORCEMENT OF LAME RULES BASED LAWS, LIKE THE DRUG WAR.  
The Constitution must be restored as law, and with it, real FREEDOM. And the only way to do this, is to demand that the Government end all states of emergency, and emergency war powers, and restore the Constitution as the rule of law!!!
To set you free, I need your support.
-Mosheh Eesho Muhammad Al-faraj Thezion






FDR TOOK AWAY FREEDOM IN 1933 / 1938 ,,,  He used emergency war powers to replace the entire legal system in 1938, why?     

SO THEY CAN ENFORCE TAXATION, at the point of a gun, using the Police.  


SO THEY CAN START THE DRUG WAR and lock up young poor MINORITIES, with Police.

SO THEY CAN TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS, limit what kinds you can have, or kill you on the street if you resist in anyway.


 THEY TRICKED US ALL INTO GIVING UP FREEDOM in exchange for CIVIL LIBERTIES, and now we must all obey 66 million laws, literally.  IS THAT FREEDOM?  NO, it's lame civil liberties which they gave us in 1933, which allows them to write endless laws over us. WE GOT ROBBED.