WOMANS RIGHTS:   Equal pay, sexual harassment, polygamy protections, and rape deterrence. To be clear, I would always defend womens rights to be protected from the abuses of men, most specifically in the case of RAPE, for which I prepose to restore THE COMMON LAW LEGAL SYSTEM, and with it, LIFE IN PRISON DOING HARD LABOR, or death for all violent rapist predators.  Men who cannot accept and understand the word 'NO' must be put down so that their animal weakness is not procreated and promoted.  We hang them from trees if need be, and we make it clear, it is not acceptable.

    Equal pay must be recognized as needing clarity, such that if a man has been doing a job for 20 years, and a woman is hired to do the same job, that woman does not deserve the same pay as the man who has worked the 20 years, and has put in the time to the company and is a long term asset.  Equal pay, must be based on equal history, equal productivity, equal rank, and if all things ARE EQUAL, then so must pay be as well, and all we need do is allow for women to complain about this issue to the labor board who can research the facts, of history, rank, productivity and mitigating circumstances so as to determine if a case exists or if an employer has exercised fair judgement.

   POLYGAMY and those who promote it are literally the greatest threat to women, as they seek to make possible the wealthy to have many wives, and as such wish to allow for the wealthy to be able to use wealth to pursue and collect young girls and women for sexual needs, and return to an age where women are subjegated as lesser than the men who rule over them.  I would enforce and promote efforts to demand an end to polygamy world wide, and an end to child marriage world wide, as such is the foundation of evil across the world where women are traded and sold as prizes even by their families for piles of gold, and end up raped sex slaves of men they never met, like or care about, and like captive victims all develop stockholm syndrome naturally as they are FORCED to become obedient wives..  YOU GOT TO DESIDE LADIES, will you fight polygamy? OR let girls be raped and enslaved?

ABORTION:  Science I believe solves this issue very clearly, in that the fetus before 2 months is not human, and is fish like at 4 weeks, and a rodent literally with a long tail at 6 weeks, and only becomes a human after 8 weeks.  Therefore the first FACT which can be said is that any abortion which takes place before the eigth week, is that it is not the abortion of a physical human.  

   Second FACT, all fetus are un-viable before the sixth month, and any abortion before this time can be considered the ending of what is presently an un-viable human and not something which could survive on it's own. This changes however after the sixth month with a 25% chance of survival which only improves with more gestation time, each week improving chances of survival.  MEANING no concept of self viable sovereign beings can be claimed for any fetus before the sixth month.

    Third FACT, if ever a court case is brought attempting to convict a man or woman for having an abortion, the SIMPLE FACT IS THE STATE, DOES NOT HAVE STANDING, in otherwords the only people who can have standing regarding an abortion of a child is either the mother or father, and generally just the father who is upset about an abortion he did not approve of.  NO OTHER HUMAN ON THE PLANET HAS STANDING TO COMPLAIN, because no other human suffers a loss, and 100% of the loss belongs to the mother and father. This issue of standing however changes at the sixth month, where the fetus becomes a self viable life form which can be born. In this case, after the sixth month the state does have standing because the Fetus is a sovereign citizen who deserves protections and can be considered a person, therefore the only consideration which need be made is that ALL ABORTIONS AFTER THE SIXTH MONTH, must be by induced premature birth and the child given the chance to survive as a ward of the state, if it survives at all.  THIS IS CALLED BEING FAIR AND REASONABLE.

    Fourth FACT, too many women use abortion as contraception and the practice must be stopped, and the only way to do that is to encourage options and effective preventative measures.



100% EMPLOYMENT:   I, as your next President ABSOLUTELY PROMISE AND WILL GUARANTEE 100% employment for all Americans who want a job within my first year.  I will do this by NATIONALIZING THE FEDERAL RESERVE, creating a new stable Dollar, and using our new almost unlimited credit potential to produce the currency to fund massive market expansion programs to make our nation completely self sufficient in all things energy and resources.  MY TEN DAY PLAN  explains how I will literally put every American to work, fund it, and actually allow the nation to profit and gain from the efforts. 


MINIMUM WAGE:   It must be understood that what we call minimum wage was invented as the result of the NATIONAL BANKING ACT OF 1933, which created the private Federal Reserve, which then lent our nation it's own currency to use, which  being FAKE MONEY is subject to devaluation (inflation) over time, and as such, the minimum wage was established to make sure the base workers are paid over time a wage which is fitting to inflation and cost of living changes due to the unstable fiat fake money system we have used since 1933.   I, of course favor the use of a minimum wage under all circumstances, however feel the issue is best addressed by a staggered minimum wage.

       MEANING, the number of employees a company has and it's profit margins each year should determine it's minimum wage levels, allowing small less profitable companies to function without undue regulation and costs.  However as a company becomes profitable and develops a history, it's minimum wage should be raised per employee based on how many years they are employed, in OTHER WORDS a mandatory raise factor should be included into what is called minimum wage, allowing workers who devote long years to be ensured a raise over time, whether the employer wishes to give the raise or not.  This ensures a minimum wage which is a basic living wage, and ensures all employees who work long years are slowly, over time ensured increased gains in income due to their dedication.  IN OTHER WORDS, I SAY, THE MINIMUM WAGE, SHOULD ALSO ENSURE RAISES OVER TIME. (But the scale used would be a political issue from year to year.)


IMMIGRATION:  Reality is reality,  and no nation can have open borders and still call itself a nation. And what is worse, is that when the government acts as if they are on the side of immigrants, by saying that THEY want to allow them to work, THEY ARE LIARS, what they want is to avoid the LAW, which says it is LEGAL TO HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS, but, the buisness owner is ALLOWED TO, IF THEY SPONSOR THE ILLEGAL WORKER FOR CITIZENSHIP...  that is the scam...   they do not want to sponsor.. they just want to exploit the cheap labor without the risk... GET IT??   They want to allow the illegals to stay and work, so they can exploit them as cheap labor, without the risk of sponsoring them to live here.   THEY DO NOT WANT THE RISK, because sponsorship means costs for insurance and lawyers to protect them if their worker hurts someone or breaks the laws.  GET IT????   SPONSORSHIP means the business owner is responsible if the sponsored worker goes out and kills 10 people when drunk.   THEY DO NOT WANT THE RISK, so they avoid sponsorship and just want to exploit you all as cheap labor.  SO WAKE UP, those who speak of sanctuary cities and laws, ONLY WORK FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO EXPLOIT YOU FOR LABOR AND OFFER YOU NOTHING... NO PROTECTIONS.. NO CITIZENSHIP..  NO NOTHING...  you lose.  

    As PRESIDENT i would end this problem, by demanding all companies sponsor their workers, and or face heavty fines as the law says, but also provide a nation wide insurance pool for busineses to pay into to reduce and eliminate their risk in doing so.  THIS SOLVES THE PROBLEM, and gives all illegals what they want, sponsorship.


STUDENT LOANS: To be clear, USURY which means interest based loans or for profit lending to people for personal needs is illegal in the BIBLE AND KORAN, and i as President would end the practice, and forgive all student loans, literally, as well as reorganize the entire banking system to be fitting to usury laws to help people instead of profiting off of them like vampires :  money and banking


TAXATION: Let us be clear, IF THE GOVERNMENT IS ABLE TO TAX a percentage of all your productive labor, then the government owns a percentage of all your labor PERIOD, and that has for 10,000 years been historically called DEBT SLAVERY.   Debt slavery means you are free to run around as if you are free but must go to work daily to pay your never ending debt, in this case YOU ARE FORCED TO PAY THE NEVER ENDING DEBT OF THE GOVERNMENT, and a percentage of all your labor is promised to pay that debt, and if YOU as a person, refuse to pay your share of the debt???  THEY ARREST YOU, LOCK YOU UP AND TAKE ALL YOUR PROPERTY...  is that freedom???  NO... IT IS NOT.

    As President I would end the income tax, and replace it with an expansion of the sales tax to include a large increase in the luxury tax for high end items, in this way, PEOPLE ARE FREE TO KEEP THEIR MONEY, and only pay taxes when they spend it, as they should, and this tax is low for the poor for common items and high for luxury items enjoyed by those who can afford the luxury. THIS IS COMPLETELY FAIR, because if the wealthy man is cheap he can save his money by not buying the luxury items and paying the extra tax.  THIS ENDS THE FOUNDATION OF THE STATURE COURT SYSTEM, which was established in 1938 to enable the enforcement of the  INCOME TAX.



THE COURT SYSTEM:     In 1933 FDR started trying to write laws to control the people, but in 1938 the supreme court found that HE COULD NOT, and no Federal LAW was applicable in the LEGAL SYSTEM WHICH THE FOUNDING FATHERS ESTABLISHED, the Common Law legal system, and as such, WHAT DID FDR DO????        He used Emergency war powers, to change the legal system, which he had no constitutional authrority to do.  He threw out 150 years of legal precedent, and used emergency war powers to cause the system to start over, as the NEW STATUTE COURT SYSTEM 1938...  which.. then..   Allows police to arrest YOU for minor issues like drugs, or resisting, or 66 million laws and counting.


DO YOU NOW UNDERSTAND HOW WE WENT FROM A NATION OF COWBOYS WITH GUNS...  to a nation where cops arrest and kill anyone who dares to carry a gun.  or..   breaks any of 66 million statutes???

GET IT????  

THEY HAD TO TAKE AWAY CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTIONS, that is how they started the DRUG WARS, and created the police state... GET IT???    They never had constitutional authtority to do any of it.....  and i can prove it.... -->  FREEDOM MEANS WHAT?




HEALTHCARE:    This is an easy fix,  AS IT IS Well known, the best most cost effective means of providing everyone with HEALTHCARE, is by a medicare expansion, which I as President would mandate with a large increase in medicare payments by all workers and perhaps a small sales tax increase to fund the rest. WHILE ALSO forcing all hospitals to become NON-PROFIT organizations because I challenge anyone on earth to argue that hospitals who care for the sick and dying should be allowed to have investors who profit off the extreme costs of rooms, care and medicines.  THAT IS ABOUT AS COLD AND EVIL AS AN INVESTOR CAN GET, to profit off of dying  and sick people, and as such, I feel A executive order causing all hospitals to become NON-PROFIT organizations is very reasonable.  I would also however promote a limit on compensation which any CEO or CFO or board member of any NON-PROFIT  can recieve as salaires to no more than 50,000 dollars US standard 2017.






GUN RIGHTS:   Let us be clear, the average American who wishes to live a peaceful life and walk around as a free man should have the right to defend themselves in this wild, cold and often cruel world.  This being true, it also becomes reasonable that should people show themselves to be mentally un-stable, angry, or prone to violence should ''''''NOT'''''' be given the same respect as every other peace loving citizen, simply because it has been established due to history and facts, that the individual is ...   mentally unstable, angry, and prone to violence, and as such, CANNOT BE CONSIDERED as a normal peaceful member of society, AND SO, NOT ALLOWED TO OWN WEAPONS OF DEATH. 

    This distinction between working class people who avoid trouble who should be allowed to carry a gun, and those who have a history of causing trouble and causing harm and should not be allowed to carry a gun should be a very reasonable thing for society to set forth.  BUT, TO BE CONSTITUTIONAL it must be based on a constitutional amendment which states clearly the extent of the regulation over guns, and for whom, and any limits on the exercise of this power of regulation.  THAT IS HOW CONSTITUTIONAL  LAW IS SUPPOSED TO WORK...  GRANTING AND LIMITED POWERS.

    The fact is, a nation which sells explosives openly to the public each year in volume  (Fourth of july), should not be worried about gun control as reality suggests guns are in truth a minor weapons system which while capable of serious destruction cannot be considered a weapon of war in the modern world.  


I say this with great clarity : If your going to ban guns or want too, start first by banning the sale of massive explosives all across the nation each 4th of july...  my lord...  i could myself buy all manner of explosives and projectile weapons, and i live in California where all these items are illegal.   THE LAW HAS BECOME A JOKE...  AND EVERYONE EVERYWHERE ALL OVER CALIFORNIA...  are setting off projectile fireworks....   WHICH IF POINTED AT COPS DURING PROTESTS WILL TURN PROTESTS INTO open REBELLION...   and the means is sold every year on our public streets...   on purpose...  maybe.  


I SAY... COME FOLLOW ME...  as Caliph of God, and I will set you free... but to do it..  I NEED YOU.. IN MY ARMY OF ALLAH...   the army of God...   TO TRANSFORM THE WORLD.