DAY ONE:   --Declare a state of emergency and use it to force congress and the states into a constitutional convention.


DAY TWO: --Nationalize the Federal Reserve, and begin producing  A NEW DEBT FREE CURRENCY (FAITH NOTES)


DAY THREE: --EXPAND MEDICARE into universal coverage, and nationalize/ convert all hospitals into non-profit orgs.








DAY SEVEN: --EXPAND THE E.D.D..  establish zero unemployment in our nation.


DAY EIGHT: --NATIONALIZE / REORGANIZE all schools and universities into non-profit orgs.








DAY ONE :    My first action as President will be to invoke  and use the same powers F.D.R. used in 1933,

       (   )  


  TO BE CLEAR, while a convention of STATES is required to amend the constitution, the doing of such to repair the damge caused over the past 90 years by an out of control congress will require that CONGRESS be deeply involved in AMENDMENTS TO THE FEDERAL CONSTITUTION, as it involves the permission and regulation of FEDERAL POWERS, unlike STATE POWERS, and it is my intention that all FEDERAL POWERS AND LIMITS be properly expressed in any amendments which would be put forth by Congress, and can then be considered, rejected and or re-written in a convention of states which will be called to  ratify any such changes.  

   To this end...  STATE GOVERNMENTS, will be held to the same standard listed here, because if they are not willing to partake in the re-organization of Federal powers to constitutional limits then they can be considered hostile to the constitution and the amendment process which it is our intention to restore as the means of limiting Federal powers which was lost in 1933, and must be fixed by the states in a convention which I will call for. Therefore any state government which refuses to be involved can be considered a corrupted state government and I would have to run a shame campaign to get them involved in the convention, and will in otherwise many ways seek to raise up the masses to pressure enough states to get to work to restore our nation because while certain state governments may not want to have a convention, THEIR PEOPLE MOST CERTAINLY DO want them to have and be involved in said convention, and I would likely have to lead such protests.


   To achieve this,  I WILL DECLARE A GENERAL STATE OF EMERGENCY, and use this historical premise to suspend normal government activities and to very quickly enable myself as President to very legally ACT IMMEDIATELY, by executive order to make the immediate changes I will describe in this TEN DAY PLAN.   ALL WILL BE KNOWN BEFORE HAND, AND EVERYONE CAN BE PREPARED FOR THE EXACT CHANGES TO BE MADE AS DESCRIBED HERE.    AND, Congress is always able to reverse any and all of my actions after two years have passed when the state of Emergency must be ended.  BUT THE REALITY IS, if Congress was able to act to do anything of any worth for the restoration of OUR NATION AND CONSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM, then I would not need to use EMERGENCY WAR POWERS.     A fix must be made, and I will use the same EMERGENCY WAR POWERS, F.D.R. used to get us into this mess.  

(And if Congress tries to stop me from doing so, I will turn to and appeal to the people and our armed forces.)

   On my first day, I will begin by declaring the 2 year state of emergency, and then put forth executive actions, where by I order the Federal government and all it's agents to implement the following changes effective immediately this day.

   PLAN A)  ORDER A CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION TO TAKE PLACE IN TWO YEARS TIME  (BY FORCE IF NEEDED):    All members of congress will hence forth from this day begin preparations for a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION to occur in two years time at the end of the NEW DECLARED STATE OF EMERGENCY , which per the NATIONAL EMERGENCIES ACT OF 1976, CAN ONLY LAST TWO YEARS.   And so all members of congress will begin to prepare for such a convention to restore our nation to constitutional law, limits and standards, or, I will order the Federal government employees all to immediately begin the following PLAN B, and then PLAN C, and then PLAN D, as needed

   PLAN B)  IF NEEDED, due to resistance from CONGRESS to hold a convention, then I will order all members of Congress to be placed under house arrest, being their housing in Washington DC, and order that they all be made to meet 5 days a week, in congress to prepare for said constitutional convention to occur in two years time.

   PLAN C) If needed due to resistance from Congress members, all members of congress shall be placed under Federal martial law and literally locked into the halls of congress where they will stay for two years until they carry out the constitutional convention to re-organize our nation back to the constitutional amendment process it abandoned in 1933.

   PLAN D) All members of congress who refuse to restore the nation to constitutional standards and take part in the two year process to hammer out the distribution and granting of all Federal powers by Amendment instead of ACTS, shall be considered as agents against the constitution and either barred from the halls of Congress or locked up in prison for breaking their oath of office, WHICH IS TO UPHOLD, DEFEND AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION.  If they cannot do that, they belong in jail.




DAY TWO :  NATIONALIZE THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK,  and place it directly under the control of the national Treasury Department, and order the TREASURY to begin production of a new FAITH NOTE CERTIFICATE, which will be used to revalue all dollars in circulation immediately this day, and provide currency to flow to all banks from the central Federal Reserve without delays, but with new regulations to take place immediately.  Compensation for the present owners of the Federal Reserve would be considered over the first year of my administration, but to be honest compensation should be small, since they have been robbing our people for decades.  They have had their profits, but some type of payoff would be fair. WITH THIS ORDER, all banks as franchises of the FEDERAL RESERVE would then be required to take a new form, such they operate as a non-profit organization concerning private personal loans to the people for homes and cars MUST BE USURY FREE, but may also act as a for profit organization in all things business or lending to businesses and corporations which borrow to profit.   THIS AND ONLY THIS CAN RESTORE THE SOVEREIGNTY OF OUR GOVERNMENT, to have control of the production of it's own currency and to control it's value within the borders of our own nation.  (This action to be solidified by a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT stating the sovereign control of the Federal Reserve banking system, and our nations currency production.)


DAY THREE :  ORDER the expansion of MEDICARE to cover all legal citizens and NATIONALIZE ALL MAJOR HOSPITALS which are not already operating as non-profit organizations, and mandate their re-organization into non-profit organizations nation wide, each and every one. COMPENSATION for the present private owners of said hospitals to be determined within the first year of nationalization. IT BEING AN OPEN CHALLENGE to any and all investors to attempt to justify why they should be allowed to own hospitals which profit off the sick and dying of our nation??  I CHALLENGE ANY PERSON ON EARTH TO MAKE THAT ARGUMENT.  This action to be solidified by a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT stating the mandate of Non-profit status for all hospitals with pay scale limits for all administrators of non-profits to be set forth by Congress over time as needed for adjustment compared to minimum wage standards. IT ALSO BEING REQUIRED that a constitutional amendment be put forth to make MEDICARE CONSTITUTIONALLY LEGAL and to mandate universal coverage for all Americans.


DAY FOUR :   ORDER THE RESTORATION OF THE COMMON LAW LEGAL SYSTEM our nation enjoyed before 1938, when FDR changed the system from the COMMON LAW, to the modern statute court system.  The immediate result of this being that US citizens are no longer subject to statute rules, and all government agencies are forbidden from making RULE BASED LAW which can be applied to people as human beings, and all presumptions of commercial contract agreement with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT or any of it's agencies or departments of any kind are hereby made null and void and not applicable to people in court under any circumstances.  Meaning all US citizens are considered free to do as they please, and possess what they please so long as they do no harm or infringe on the freedom and rights of any other free people, and pose no harm or threat to any other free people. THIS ENDS THE DRUG WAR, THIS ENDS THE POLICE STATE, and from this day forward COPS and all police would be mandated to only enforce the COMMON LAW and the basis of this system is NO HARM = NO FOUL, however anyone who causes harm would be subject to REAL PUNISHMENT, hard labor, instead of the soft housing systems used today as light punishment.  THIS ACTION TO BE SOLIDIFIED BY A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to mandate the COMMON LAW legal system, as the only legal system, protecting the people from all future governments who may wish to restore endless law making and re-create the police state.

    IT NEEDS TO BE UNDERSTOOD, the powers of government are limited to regulation of actual business (commerce) and government actions itself, such as all ACTS of Congress can never be applied to the people as laws or rules, and the only way to make law which limits the freedoms of the people is by a constitutional amendment only. THAT WAS THE CONSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM WE HAD BEFORE 1933, the Common Law, where everyone is free but are expected to behave themselves because THERE IS NO SOFT PRISON SYSTEM, ONLY HARD LABOR CAMPS OR A HANGING.


DAY FIVE :  ORDER THE NATIONALIZATION OF THE I.R.S.,  making it all now part of the TREASURY DEPARTMENT, which will then have oversight, which is also under the oversight of the CONGRESS.  The actual tax plan and variations to be used from year to year, decade to decade will of course always be a political issue for debate, however the idea that private for profit organizations should be profiting off a job OUR GOVERNMENT IS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING, is stupidity in itself, and any who would argue that the private sector COLLECTS TAXES better, is likely on the payroll of those who presently own the I.RS.   THIS ACTION to be solidified by a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT stating the powers to regulate all tax collection under the department of the Treasury which is then regulated directly by CONGRESS, by committee or laws.


DAY SIX :   ORDER THE RESTORATION OF TRUE ALLODIAL PROPERTY RIGHTS : by ordering the immediate halt to all practices by any government agency be it State or Federal which has empowered itself to take what is deemed personal property, such as deeded land, vehicles with Title, or any personal items from their citizens without compensation. MEANING city and county government may no longer tow vehicles for profit, or empower for profit private companies to TOW on behalf of any government body. This to include all tax sales or bank sales of property for debts held by any American.  HOWEVER each county and State and FEDERAL body is called to begin a new system where vehicles may be towed for cause, for only for a preset limited charge which cannot rise daily like a  ransom.  IT IS THEFT, to take property and hold it ransom for payment which goes up each day one does not pay.  IF ANY ONE IN THE FREE WORLD DID THIS, they would be called a criminal.  THE DIFFICULTY involved in having to travel distances to retrieve ones vehicle when towed should be punishment enough. And in all circumstance where property is taken for debts, no short sales shall be considered legal from this day, and only fair market sales, where the excess amount, beyond what is owed as a debt must be returned to the property owner who's property was seized to be sold to pay his debts. THIS RESTORES THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONCEPT OF TRUE ALLODIAL TITLE TO LAND AND PROPERTY, which cannot be taken without compensation.   THIS IS BEST SOLIDIFIED by a constitutional amendment stating clearly all peoples ALLODIAL TITLE rights to all their property, with text limiting how and when it can be seized and how it can be sold.


DAY SEVEN :   ORDER THE EXPANSION OF THE E.D.D.  EMPLOYMENT DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT to immediately within thirty days to begin offering minimum wage employment to all Americans who are in need of work.  The thirty days given is to allow for Federal Agencies to organize with State and County agencies to begin work programs in each city, and State, some of which will include massive cross state projects of infrastructure or local market expansion and supply improvement projects into energy, resources and otherwise resource management for surface use and protection of valuable surface environments.  MEANING, that after thirty days all Americans will be able to walk into an E.D.D. office and walk out with a job the next day, which may involve training or not, or otherwise will be funded work programs to clean and expand city development and infrastructure which can be considered to have real long term commercial value.  THIS WOULD ESTABLISH ZERO UNEMPLOYMENT nation wide, and offer a unique service to the free market by keeping the poor populations not only working and clean and viable to hire, but also make training and development of the national work force an easy function of government by providing the training programs, through the E.D.D. which also finds them work.


DAY EIGHT : ORDER THE NATIONALIZATION OF ALL SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES, other than small institutions, and mandate that they operate as non-profit organizations with income limits for all administrative and executive positions to be regulated by Congress,  as well as mandate that all junior and high schools change their TEACHING METHODS, and adopt a new system which encourages the students to become SELF LEARNERS, who may benefit from teachers but do not need them. The details of this change to the school system can be understood as SELF BRAINWASHING, where we work as individuals to clean not just our bodies but our minds of foolishness, false truths, and lies, and misconceptions which cause us to make errors .  THIS would need to be solidified by a constitutional amendment.


DAY NINE :  ORDER THE FORMATION OF MASSIVE MARKET EXPANSION PROGRAMS NATION WIDE,  working with the E.D.D. TO PROVIDE JOBS, beginning but not limited to the following : diversion of some of the Mississippi river into the desert states. The digging of many deep shaft mining projects to not only provide vast deep earth mineral access, but in time allow for the foundation for deep shaft geothermal safe boiler based power systems placed at great depths to boil water to 400 degrees *f, and provide clean free power to whatever government above which built the deep shaft system mine.  All oceans facing states would begin massive ocean projects, and all farming nation wide will be encouraged to adopt new methods, and provided incentives needed to make carbon sinking and organic farming methods to enrich soils instead of depleting them mandatory because food production is a national resource of the utmost importance, and unless nutrients are put back in the ground, then constant farming depletes land of all farming value and creates worthless land which cannot sustain crops without chemical fertilizers.  WE MUST PREVENT THIS CONSTANT LOSS, AND REVERSE IT, so that our soils can ensure long term production as a national security issue.



DAY TEN :   ORDER the immediate formation in every county of every State, highly organized tent camp locations to be regulated by local government funded by the Federal government, where all presently homeless people can immediately find safe tent based housing with police patrols and protection, an address to use for mail, and from this safe location allow  access to welfare and homeless services which are available locally, and otherwise at the end of this first month, all residents in any TENT CAMP LOCATION in any county and any State will be able to walk into an E.D.D. office and have a job the next day locally.  THE JOB not being preset, but if they show up each day they will get paid, and can improve conditions by working to gain work they enjoy or can tolerate.  THIS WILL LITERALLY END HOMELESSNESS IN THE USA within the second week of my administration, and I would push for a constitutional amendment which would make national and mandatory the provision of this basic housing system within each city nation wide, as no American should ever have to live in less than a tent within a government provided tent camp location, designed to honestly help them get back on their feet or as needed find proper housing and life long assisted living services for those who truly need it.  IF NEEDED, I will order the army and national guard to build and set up these camps and if needed regulate and run them on a daily basis.


   ALL MY DAYS AFTER THE FIRST 10 DAYS    (MY FIRST TWO YEARS)   : will be spent ensuring that these ten issues are implemented without fail, and that CONGRESS is actually ready to restore our nation to a constitutional process by restoring the Amendment process.    


   AFTER THE FIRST TWO YEARS,  Congress would be restored to power and made to hold the constitutional convention which may take another two years to complete, or otherwise will be the focus of my entire four years as President, THE RESTORATION OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, LIMITS, FREEDOM AND RIGHTS.  

I ASK FOR YOUR HELP, or if you run against me, please adopt this plan, set our people free.


-Mosheh Eesho Muhammad