IT IS MY HOPE THAT MY WORDS ARE NOT IN VAIN, for most of you  know full well of what I speak, and that is that there is something terribly wrong with our society, our government, our legal system, our monetary system, and while most of you feel this, few actually understand it, or know why it is so important that they take the time to understand it, but it is only by understanding a problem, that you can properly deal with and solve a serious problem.


The problem is that we as humam beings, should be free, free to live as we choose, do as we please so long as we do no harm or infringe on the rights and freedoms of any other people.  AND WE CANNOT, because we are forced by the system to live lives where everything we do is considered commerce.    We go to work, commerce, we drive registared vehicles, commerce, we have licences, commerce, permits, commerce, and a vast array of benefits from the federal government and it's affiliated organizations which all add up to being involved in commerce.  




IT WASNT ALWAYS THIS WAY, our government wasnt always ruled by big money, and corporations did not own the news media, and we were not all enslaved to debt, paying ridiculous amounts for CHEAP houses made of wood.


   We have all been enslaved to USURY which is profits on lending for bankers and loan sharks, and if you take the time to THINK ABOUT IT, USURY is what you should and must all fight against, because it is the cause of the police state, the drug war, and your enslavement to endless debts.   








    This boils down to a simple story, because the characters may change but the story stays the same, unless we change it.


    LONG AGO, early man wandered around in loose family groups who ran about scavaging, but over time, eventually  some men realized that if they could control a resource with force and violence that they could force others to trade and barter for that resource and as such they could become technically rich by forcing all the wild humans to collect things they wanted in trade for whatever resource they controlled, be it a wonderful food, or clean water source. 

    Eventually those who are willing to hurt people and use force realized that barter is not a great way to rule over a people, and that if they created a money system, based on something scarce they can control, like Gold, then they could force people to work to make Gold, which they would then need to pay rent, buy food, and pay taxes, otherwise, those with WEAPONS WHO ARE WILLING TO USE FORCE, will burn down their home, kill their children, take their food and assets and then in the end if they refuse to pay their taxes and use GOLD, then they die.    THIS IS HOW KINGDOMS OF MEN GOT STARTED... FORCE.

    THEN with money in place, and having the people (fooled) convinced of it's value, the KINGS could then set up a tax based economy, where the people were subjects, based on force of arms, arms paid for with Gold controlled by the King, using Taxes to rob all the people of 50% or more of their productive value.  OVER TIME, issues arrise, such as price issues, and so the KING then is able to establish price controls since he owns half the sheep and half the wood, and half the chickens and half the production of all things, he can then say to the people, THIS IS THE PRICE OF GOODS... ITEM BY ITEM, and then if a seller wanted to charge too much and rob people, the buyer could simply go to the king and buy the same product, sheep, wool, fruit, whatever at the KINGS PRICE, and in this way, the KING justifies his position by pretending he is regulating the market and prices to protect the people, when in fact he uses swords and force and murder to force the people to trade in Gold and coin he controls so that he can tax them, and enslave them all as owned subjects who work for him, and who's profits   MOSTLY  all go to him.

    Then again over time, when you have an economy you discover the need for lending, and realize that USURY, which is lending for profits, and with interest payments, is the ultimate way to enslave your people to serve you as KING because by being the lender, the KING could profit off of all ventures taken up by the labors of his people.  Every baker, every woodsman, every farmer, every crasftman could be made to take loans to buy goods, and get items they need to work and live, such as land and food (BECAUSE THE KING CONTROLS PRICES), and such a KING could in this way drain every last penny of profit possible beyond taxation, and so maximize their profit.  IT WAS IN THIS WAY, using USURY that the Egyptians built the pyramids.  They took all the gains and profits from their economies with USURY and taxes, to fund the vast and never ending projects of grandure to serve the over lords who ruled and wanted to live in these extreme levels of grandure, palaces, temples, and insane over the top Pyramids to house their dead bodies.

     Moses understood this, having grown up as an Egyptian nobleman next to the soon to be Pharoah, and once he set his people free he set forth as GODS LAW, that USURY is forbidden. for he knew that was how the few Egyptians enslaved the many and took advantage of them all to fund the building of TOWERS OF POWER for the few KINGS who used USURY to enslave their people.  SO MOSES SET FORTH USURY LAWS, for the Jewish people, who are not allowed to use lending to profit off each other, and the charging of interest for loans was strictly forbidden.  THE REASON WAS that in this way, all lending between Jews would only be to help each other, instead of robbing each other.  THIS ALLOWED THE JEWISH PEOPLE, to rise together as a profitable people who only charged interest of non-jews, and as such money can only flow into the peoples hands from outside, and all that money cannot be drained into the hand of one JEWISH LENDER who robs all his brothers.  THIS IS THE FOUNDATION OF BROTHERHOOD, where God says it is ungodly to profit off of loans to a brother.  Because money is a fake thing, invented for the purpose of enslaving others to force and control of resources.   A FAMILY, UNDER GOD, would not rob each other, profit off each other, but instead would work together, help each other rise and prosper, so that together as a group they share a mutual development plan and shared destiny of shared gains.     THE SIMPLE FAMILY SHARING CONCEPT.

      THEN Jesus came along and said, WE ARE ALL BROTHERS, and at the time this of course would ruin all JEWISH banking and lending practices by causing all lending to be without USURY, and as such, lending would become un-profitable. JESUS said, TO LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR as yourself, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and the problem with this is that JEWS had made their money nationally by banking and lending  to non-JEWS who they could charge USURY OF, and if Jesus was accepted then those bankers who WERE RICH, could no longer profit off of loans to NON-JEWS because according to Jesus we are all brothers under the one God.   AND IT IS FOR THIS REASON, that all christians for most of history, since JESUS, have been forbidden to use USURY, or profit from loans in anyway, IN FACT THIS WAS SO NORMAL, that shakespere wrote a play, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, which was all about USURY, and how in old Europe only JEWS were involved in lending practices, because christians had to recognize all people as brothers, and as such could not give loans for profit, BUT THE JEW, who did not accept this global brotherhood of all humans, could and would lend at interest to anyone who was not a JEW for interest, USURY payments.   JEWS rejected JESUS and his notions of all humans being brothers.  AND IF THIS WAS NOT ENOUGH, Jesus also put aside Kosher laws as not being needed to follow to get to heaven, as he said  "one is defiled by our words, not by what we eat", and this also was a major problem because all Jewish Rabbis were involved in BUTCHERING animals which MUST BE SACRAFICED in order to be clean for human consumption, and if people listened to Jesus the Rabbis would possibly go out of business as butchers on the side.

       In time, Muhammad was born, and being raised on the teachings of Moses and Jesus, he did not make the grand gift of Jesus which was to allow himself to be killed as a willing sacrafice for mankinds sins, and instead he raised an army to fight against what he precieved as the evil of his world, and at his time, he was the greatest advocate for womens rights that had ever come along, and he set forth detailed rules for the treatment of women for what was a primitive nomadic desert people who at the time greatly benefited in every way from his leadership in the seventh century. Muhammad also put forth a repeat of the same principles which is LAWS AGAINST USURY, and lending for profit, as loans must be to help each other instead of robbing each other for profitable gains.

     NOW, 2017, Mosheh Eesho Muhammad comes to offer the world a simple solution, which is a way to end the USURY profit system and replace it with a much better system, of USURY FREE MONEY, USURY FREE LENDING FOR THE PEOPLE, and yet allow the banking system to continue with BUSINESS LOANS AT USURY combined with massive nation and world wide market expansion programs to build up the global infrastructure to begin building the destiny of our species.




MY SOLUTION PLANS, show how we can clearly create a USURY free currency system.

MY SOLUTION PLANS, show how we can clearly create a USURY free personal banking system, to benefit people.

MY SOLUTION PLANS, show how we can clearly create a new business lending enviornment which is highly profitable due to massive large scale development and investment projects nation wide, and world wide.






    ......... WAKE UP PEOPLE, you say you want revolution and a leftist movement but you fail to understand the nature of the beast.  IT IS THE USE OF MONEY, especially in this day and age.. fake money.. usury based money...  which is the major drain on all of society and is why all the people make pennies, it is why business owners can only afford to pay their workers the least amount, because all profits from all sides is being taken up like a giant fucking vampire which is sucking the life blood out of every business and every person by USURY loans, interest payments on credit cards, actual loans, student loans, and all manner of personal and business finance has been taken over BY LOAN SHARKS, who act like they are doing you a favor, by offering a lower interest loan.  (vampires like the Pharoahs of Egypt.)

      IT IS ALL USURY, FORBIDDEN BY GOD, because they are all robbing you!!!  MONEY IS A FAKE THING..  INVENTED FOR THIS PURPOSE....   to enslave you all to work for it... money... to pay bills.. they use swords and guns to mandate that you pay.






YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP to the fact that WALL STREET investors invest into all the banks and corps which own your debts, student loans, credit cards, bank loans, they OWN YOU, AS AN INVESTMENT VEHICLE.  if you pay, then the investor makes his money off of you, but if you do not pay, the investor does not get paid and the police state exists to force payments... By beating you, arresting you.. convicting you, and imprisoning you.




WE MUST GET IT RESTORED AS THE RULE OF LAW, or the wealthy banker elite will continue to enslave you all.






















              ....  Come on...   what THE HELL is wrong with you people???  HAVE YOU NO BALLS???    WHAT THE F@#&?????      I used to call my self an ANARCHIST, until I realised that most Anarchists are morons and idiots who have no idea as to how to use ANARCHY to solve their problems, and while they may enjoy mayhem and chaos as a means to an end, IT IS NOT, because without actual solution plans to the system as it stands today then WHAT HOPE CAN THERE BE FOR A BETTER WORLD?????   FACT IS...  WE MUST HAVE A SOLUTION PLAN.. FOR WHICH TO FIGHT FOR..  TO BURN FOR.. TO REBEL FOR...  FOR IF WE LACK THAT PLAN..  then we are just angry morons who have no clue how to solve anything but are so upset we burn things.  And that does not solve anything.  WE MUST HAVE A SOLUTION PLAN, BEFORE WE BURN THINGS, SO THAT THE BURNING...  SERVES A PURPOSE-----      -- http://caliphofgod.org/A-GLOBAL-CURRENCY-SYSTEM/   

        WORST CASE SENARIO, you could pursue an A.R.D.D. SYSTEM.  An Anarchistic Representative Direct Democracy.  Which if our government can be represented as a pyrimid, with the few at the top controlling all below, with most people being the bottom layer ruled over from above.   IN THIS CASE, an A.R.D.D. system would be an upside down pyrimid, where all decisions are voted on locally by regular weekly voting sessions of all the people by use of a DIRECT DEMOCRACY  METHOD to directly vote on all issues, INSTEAD of electing representatives to vote on our behalf, WE SIMPLY VOTE OURSELVES, and our elected representatives job is ONLY to explain ALL sides of each issue, TO STUDY THE ISSUES IN DETAIL..  and to explain it to the people they represent, so they, the people CAN VOTE ON THE ISSUE, all issues and major decisions to be made could just as easily be voted on by the public as any city council.  This would lead to local, county, state, and national issues to be voted on.  THIS TAKES ALL THE POWER OUT OF THE HANDS OF GOVERNMENT except under emergecy conditions, and puts government in it's place, which is under the thumb of the people.  The people deside, and all government elected representatives serve the sole purpose of doing the research and provide clear explinations of both sides so the public can be WELL INFORMED when voting to make any given decision.  THE PROBLEM WITH ALL OF THIS, is that in such a society, if it used money and people traded for profit between each other, then always conspiracies will fester between people with influence to make money in one way or another by helping mold public opinion just as is done today with corrupt politicians.  It could however work in a family based, non-money based communal housing system.

      We just have to built it.       THE KINGDOM OF GOD.














      Seriously, it seems as if your all waiting for someone to come along and just solve everything for you, fix everything so that you can claim your protesting served a purpose, that your rebel actions mattered, but it does not.  RANDOM CHAOS.. ANARCHY...   ATTACKING THE GOVERNMENT.. OR ANYTHING...   may be fun..  but if it lacks purpose and goals then your just being stupid wild beasts, who like blowing shit up, and acting as if you are a REBEL or some kind of hero leader of the new order??  It is sad.  PUT THE WEAPONS DOWN, and come follow me, for I am Caliph of God, there is no other, and I offer you the one thing YOU DO NOT HAVE..  ACTUAL SOLUTION PLANS.. TO MAKE A NEW.. AND BETTER WORLD....   so now.. once you realize how to solve the world's problems, YOU CAN NOW HAVE FOCUS, but you should also realize that war and fighting is not a path to solution, but massive protests and RUNNING FOR OFFICE to replace those who reject the new age plans for solution, IS A VIABLE PLAN OF ACTION, AND A GOOD WAY TO FIGHT, long term.........       You have been counting on someone to lead you, well I am here, I can show you the path, but you have to walk it, all of you.  



2)  FIGHTING FOR?????  

    Seriously, WHAT ARE YOU FIGHTING FOR, RISKING YOUR LIVES???    Because it is historically clear that no matter what form of government you replace with another one, the new one will always end up just as corrupt and has more often than not, had to of  been completely brutal to stay in power as it competes with all other groups of wealthy men who buy politicians and fund their campaigns to control nations.  SO THE FIRST THING TO ASK, is will your new government be able to be THAT MUCH BETTER??    WILL IT HAVE THE MEANS??   WILL IT HAVE THE FUNDS?   What if it does not??     What plans are prepared to solve the many huge issues of poverty and hunger and re-building, and re-regulating, and managing resources. THIS IS ALL VERY IMPORTANT, because without REAL PLANS, and real preparations to immediately deal with what can be endless problems from outside influences, embargos, constant war and worse sedition amid the people you try to rule over with force.

  FACT IS, any group which uses force to take power and kill to hold power are assholes, and while you fight and while you recruit you may make claims and offer grand hopes and dreams of wives and wealth, the fact is most of your soldiers will likely die, and if you win the fight and take nations and land, you still will be powerless to control it, save it, use it, feed and confidently lead it's people as anything other than a tyrant asshole... unless... you understand MOSHENIAN ECONOMICS.  IT THEN BECOMES POSSIBLE TO WIN, not with fighting or with guns.. but with a political argument for why the world should turn BACK TO GOD, TURN TO ALLAH AND THE USURY LAWS OF THE BIBLE AND KORAN, and re-organize all nations monetary policies as well as begin a new GLOBAL CURRENCY SYSTEM.  IF YOUR GOING TO FIGHT, and are willing to die, then you should atleast have the balls to run for office, stand for the cause and risk being assasinated for Allah, as a leader, not a killer.  THAT IS A FIGHT WORTH HAVING, ....   but you must grow a pair of balls and fight with words, as a leader, run for office, form political parties, and lead for solutions.






3)     WHAT IS THE GOAL????

     Seriously, WHAT IS THE GOAL?  A SOCIALIST PARADICE?     An end to poverty?  An end to hunger?  Freedom for all people? WE MUST BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR ABOUT GOALS.  And I would as Caliph set forth very clear goals for all rebels world wide to strive for.


a)  WE DEMAND A WORLD WITHOUT EXTREME POVERTY, but also want a free market world of choice.

b) WE DEMAND A WORLD WITHOUT HUNGER AND OR HOMELESSNESS for all humans under all conditions.

c)  WE DEMAND A WORLD WITHOUT USURY PROFITS on loans to the people for homes and vehicles. 

d)  WE DEMAND A WORLD where USURY is allowed for when lending to businesses and corporations of any kind.

e) WE DEMAND A WORLD where each nation can guarrentee ZERO UNEMPLOYMENT.

f) WE DEMAND A WORLD which is not used to profit the few, BUT HAS A NEW FAIR GLOBAL SYSTEM.


h) WE DEMAND A WORLD with real freedom, COMMON LAW FREEDOM, not endless statutes and rules. 


   I SAY WE CAN ACHEIVE THESE GOALS.  IF ELECTED PRESIDENT, I would do exactly what I say I would do, but, even if I am not elected what matters is that you understand the real scope of the problem, and now, hopefully you understand how to solve it.


  OUR PLANET, IS LIKE A GIANT PLANT, SITTING IN A LIMITED BOWL OF DIRT...  for that plant to thrive, it needs four simple things, it need SUNLIGHT (ENERGY), it needs  DIRT (resources), it needs CLEAN WATER , and it needs FOOD (NUTRIENTS), in nature any plant can thive to it's best if these things are abundant and free and easy, BUT IF ANY OF THESE FOUR THINGS ARE RESTRICTED, or if the plant is eaten and attacked daily then it's ability to thrive is reduced.  SO LIKEWISE, any given economy of people, IF THEY PAID NO TAXES, AND HAD NO DEBTS, and everyone helped each other with goods and loans, like one big family,  and they worked hard, they could prosper to the maximum possible amount. HOWEVER, take that same given economy and impose taxes, and USURY debts on all the people, and set the people against helping each other by creating poverty and scarcity of goods, then, while the entire society becomes very profitable for the few who have enslaved everyone, the whole plant itself as a people, nation, or even the entire planet, cannot possibly grow and develop at it's maximum rate, because it has leaches all over it sucking it dry of all it's value, and all it's leaves and branches have been set up to be used by and to support some parasites which are feeding off the fat of the whole plant.


 USURY LENDING IS THE DRAIN.. WHICH IS BLEEDING EVERY PERSON AND BUSINESS DRY of all the profit potential they could of had if USURY WAS ILLEGAL like it is in the BIBLE AND KORAN.  GET IT???   OUR SYSTEM AS IT IS TODAY... is all usury based, and it is bad, because it is a vampire leach system of sucking the gain out of peoples work, by way of contracts, loans, laws and corrupt politicians that let it all happen.  

   Can you  imagine digging up an ant colony and finding that some of the worker ants had taken over the ant food source with little stick weapons and demanded that they be allowed to take over.. instead of the queen, or no ants get to eat.  In this case only one of two things can happen, the weaker dumber ants comply out of fear, or they all rise up and kill the ants who used force to take power..  one way or another, it is likely, that since their power is based on force and control of resources eventually the ants as a whole will find a way around the few ants, or otherwise wake up one day and kill them all.   I THINK IT IS TIME FOR ALL THE WORKERS TO WAKE UP, but, we do not need to kill anyone, we can simply RUN FOR OFFICE, LEAD, form committed political action groups to demand the global implementations of plans TO END USURY.


USURY IS THE PROBLEM, it is how they have sucked our nation dry, and are robbing us all.  WE GOT ROBBED.