The founding beliefs of the EMPIRICAL church as created by the Caliph of God, Mosheh Eesho Muhammad, includes principle number 23 : which reads in part....

       "... while it is acceptable to worship God, it is not enough!   We as human beings should make it our daily effort to be Godly, to be like Jesus, and build God's kingdom now, in our lifetime.     Why wait?    Calm, rational, adult thinking gives humankind a potential limited only by our imagination.    If we can honestly see ourselves doing it, then we probably can."

While it would not be possible to know (AS HUMANS) the exact parameters that God would use to build his KINGDOM OF GOD, we as God's children can speculate about the qualities of this KINGDOM, and then make daily, yearly, century long strides to get as close to an approximation as we as a species can get, and in the doing, we the residents would enjoy the daily benefits of God's love.




1)  It would be organized and run by the most godly men and women on earth, and this would be ensured by low wages, and modest housing requirements leading only the honest and faithful to adopt and adapt to these leadership positions. Something the greedy will not do.


2) It would manifest the love of God on earth by ending poverty, ending hunger, and taking care of all the homeless and desperately poor and lost souls which overwhelm any nations government. 


3) It would not replace and force it's ways on all of society, but would instead be AN ALTERNATIVE to our free market free world capital based society of money and greed.


4) It would organize itself as a family, however as leadership in any family is based on rank a simple rank based system could be used to delegate authority and decision making control over assets and funding.    This family being potentially very large, and world wide.


5) THE KINGDOM OF GOD, would be just that, a place you or anyone can go when they fall from free society, when they are lost, when they are in the gutter, alone afraid and helpless and need the love that only family can provide.  That family should live just outside every major city on earth and be ready to take in all those who want an OPTION to the poverty of the free market world.  IT WOULD BE, WHAT ALL CHURCHES AND MOSQUES, AND TEMPLES should be today but are not, and make excuses.  Therefore it becomes clear, they do not represent Allah or serve Allah and have all failed, and so must be replaced.  Hence we build new houses of God.


6)  The sad truth is, the Godly of this world today could of ended poverty world wide a long time ago BUT they were corrupted.  In California for example there are approximately 33,000 churches state wide, and about 370,000 homeless people state wide.  370,000 / 33,000 = 11.2 people per church.  So if all churches took in just 12 people in need, offered the space and help to just 12 people, then THERE WOULD BE NO HOMELESSNESS IN CALIFORNIA.  And you will find most states, and nations are similar in how their houses of God, somehow REFUSE TO SERVE GOD.       THEY ARE NOT GODLY.         THEY MAKE EXCUSES.  

    What is worse is the real numbers,  in 2013 in the USA, charities raised 1.74 Trillion dollars, literally almost as much as the entire Federal budget, and spent 1.63 Trillion on overhead and expenses, leaving just 110 Billion dollars for charity work.      IT IS A DISGRACE.


7)  Sadly, the UN and Vatican and world leaders know, it should only cost about 30-40 Billion a year to end hunger world wide, and prevent starvation, but they refuse to do it.  THEY WAIT FOR IT TO BECOME PROFITABLE TO DO SO, well those bastards will have no excuse now, because I, Caliph of God, present THOSE PROFITABLE SOLUTIONS NOW.




To meet these SEVEN parameters, I as Caliph of God, put forth these plans.


a)  WE replace and or convert all CHURCHES and MOSQUES and TEMPLES locally with or into many unification centers.


b) WE SET UP LOCALLY homeless assistance and rehab centers to end homelessness in any nation ---







1) EACH NATION begin replacing their local community Churches and Mosques and any and all competing religious centers, not by force, but by building rather large awesome, fully equipted shared use space (AN EMPIRICAL RELIGIOUS CENTER) for all religious leaders LOCALLY to freely use, to share fairly based on demographics and real local numbers. 


2)  THESE MANY DISTRIBUTED EMPIRICAL religious centers would then organize locally to house and feed the local homeless and hungry local population, and work with all other EMPIRICAL religious centers to fund long term solutions for people in need.


3) THESE many EMPIRICAL religious centers would then over time fund the development and creation of large scale housing systems either outside the major cities, or inside them by transforming slums into viable clean housing solutions for the vast populations of the poor, 


4)  THESE HOUSING SYSTEMS would be organized and run literally as the family of God, and lead by the ARMY OF GOD, which I term as being the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN.


5)  IN THIS WAY, the vast charity potential of a nations people is not lost funding private homes for wealthy religious leaders, but can instead be funneled through proper channels to fund real housing and food and jobs programs for anyone WHO NEEDS IT.  WHEN THIS IS AVAILABLE, WHEN PEOPLE HAVE A PLACE TO GO, for long term help and care, and training and otherwise the security of having a family they can turn to as they die, THEN IT WOULD BE FAIR TO SAY, God's presense on this earth has increased, and our world has become more Godly, and as such, is closer to being similar to what we would hope the KINGDOM OF GOD would be like.


6)  WHEN THERE IS NO MORE POVERTY AND HUNGER AND HOMELESSNESS, then perhaps we will become worthy of God's love and maybe he will deside not to destroy us, and we may be able to have that 1000 years of prosperity everyone is hoping for.


7) RIGHT NOW, PEOPLE WORLD WIDE HAVE NO OPTION, and governments cannot solve the problem, and what is needed, is a viable means to take POVERTY off the hands of government and put if where it belongs, which is in the hands of RELIGION, and I as Caliph NOW call on all religious leaders who are not liars, to step forward and adopt EMPIRICAL PRINCIPLES and start working together, in each city, in each state, in each nation, side by side as one GODLY TEAM OF GOD'S CHILDREN.  WHO WORK, to build and run THE KINGDOM OF GOD, to show God's love.



Seventh :   The church is fundamentally founded on one belief that should be acceptable to people of all faiths and cultures. “Where there is charity and love, God is there!”
    Such that it should be the daily effort of all humanity to, by their will and effort commit acts of charity and love whenever possible, for in doing so we increase the level of good and joy and prosperity in our world, and so it can be imagined that the level of God's presence is directly increased and is therefore directly a function of our will to be Godly.