how to build a global caliphate


 IT MUST BE UNDERSTOOD, The Global Caliphate council, as well as each National Caliphate council IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT, NOR IS IT MEANT TO BE, NOR IS IT MEANT TO REPLACE ANY GOVERNMENT.  Any NATIONS GOVERNMENT or any WORLD GOVERNMENT, being a government of men, is always designated to regulate GREED, selfishness and what are agreed to be rights and limits in behavior between free people who more often than not, have conflict, or will cause conflict regarding property, anything of value, and status amongst each other, because that is what children do.  They are greedy, petty, selfish, mean, nasty half the time, and always looking out for their basic petty self interests and dreams and hopes, with little regard for anything else. As such, these humans, being children require governments to be established between themselves based on force, and weapons and punishment so as to regulate their own tendencies to rob and rape each other as primitive beings.   Always in history we see that even when good governments form, over time they are either corrupted or misled by assholes and or morons, who mess everything up and cause ruin and famine and war and suffering, AND IF THE CALIPHATE COUNCIL WE SEEK TO BUILD, WAS TO BECOME...  THE GOVERNMENT, THEN...  OVER TIME...  BEING LEAD BY...  RUN BY... AND ORGANIZED BY MERE MEN....    THEY WILL MESS IT ALL UP...       BECAUSE MOST MEN ARE PETTY CHILDREN and morons...  THIS IS A SAD FACT OF REALITY.   THE GLOBAL CALIPHATE, and all NATIONAL CALIPHATES, cannot take over the government of any nation,  for if it does so, it becomes responsible for regulating greed, and selfish lusts, and such is not GODLY.

   THE CALIPHATE COUNCIL, IS MEANT TO SERVE THE FUNCTION OF WATCHING THE GOVERNMENT, AND PREVENTING IT FROM BECOMING AND PROMOTING EVIL, AND TO KEEP IN CHECK THE MASS MEDIA WHICH INFLUENCES ALL THE CHILDREN. THIS POWER, should be granted to this elected body called a Caliphate Council, which then would have specific powers to place taxes on smut, and fines on programming which badly influences children with sexual content or context.     CONTEXT being often more important that actual content. As many programs may not show nudity or use vulgar language, but instead the context of the story may still be all about sex and vulgar issues.     WE CAN STOP THE DECAY.. IF WE ORGANIZE AS THE GODLY TO DO SO...



THE FREE WORLD, IS MAN'S KINGDOM WHERE MEN SEEK THEIR OWN FORTUNES AND POWER...  and what the Caliphate council and EMPIRICAL ORDER would allow for is the building of the KINGDOM OF GOD, side by side with man's kingdoms, so as to solve their major problems of being unable to deal with all it's poor, homeless and less able workers. THE KINGDOM OF GOD, being a super charity designed to take all these poor desperate homeless people off the hands of any nations government, and putting them to work in a long term family based self improvement, self development organization work structure which show the one thing government cannot show, which is LOVE.
     WE THE GODLY MEN AND WOMEN OF THE WORLD....  will take on the work load of caring for all the weak and needy, because as SERVANTS OF GOD, THAT IS OUR PURPOSE, MISSION AND GOAL...  to serve god, by helping his children. 
Put another way, government is always hated, and blamed for all things bad, and if we allow our Godly religion to take over government, which regulates greed, then over time, as things go bad, PEOPLE WILL BLAME GOD AND THE RELIGION, even though the blame belongs to the moron men who miss-managed the governments money and work.   THEREFORE IT BECOMES IMPORTANT THAT GOD, AND RELIGION, not be blamed for the stupidity of men.
  Therefore the Caliphate councils would exist to REGULATE government, and help offset it's degradation over time.

    While there can be only one Caliph of God,  his job is then to train and advise all would be Caliphs to lead and serve for the lord God in each nation.    As any nation can be divided into states or regions, so too will local Caliphate councils be formed to fit the divides of regions as they exist, so as to best serve the populations in those regions.  The Caliphate council for any region would be made of elected leaders, which would be elected from a pool of names, those names being the names of all religious leaders and would be prophets and preachers, mullahs, rabbis of all the established religious organizations in each region of each nation.   The Caliphate council, is the organization of the godly and religious, for the sole purpose of watching very carefully over the region and society, and to take a very active role in directly fighting the smut and sin which is being presently made normal on bill-boards, music, video games, magazine advertising, TV advertising, and the media in general.   Namely our schools who due to modern ways have loosened their standards, lower and lower, and the Caliphate council exists to reverse this trend.   IT WOULD LITERALLY be a political force, representing the Godly people directly as a NGO elected council, to push, scream and fight on their behalf to prevent the ever present rise of secular atheistic Satanism.    


THEN JOIN WITH ME, the Caliph of God, and together we will build a true army of God, but one that wages LOVE, not war.
   To be clear the Caliphate councils would not be an army, or control any army, and would only represent the godly populations of each region and state,  and would as such, be a political voting block which pays very close attention and serves to rate laws and politicians on their godly ways or not, and moves to motivate the public to vote in godly ways for all things local.  IN THIS WAY, THE RELIGIOUS IN ANY COMMUNITY, can if they choose, keep their streets and government clean of satanists, smut and sexually suggestive advertising.  The power of this local council however would be limited to the petitioning and protesting directly it's local governments, and to petition it's nation's NATIONAL CALIPHATE COUNCIL to act by imposing what actions, fines and taxes are allowed by law.   Laws established to form the NATIONAL CALIPHATE COUNCIL and limit it's powers.
Next to this, each nation and it's religious leaders are asked by the CALIPH OF GOD, to build an actual army to serve the lord and wage love, and end the suffering of all God's hungry children.   ---

   EACH NATION would of course be free to set their own standards, and such would be set forth by constitutional amendments which would then  allow the global democracies to set forth clear rules and limits for their nations CALIPHATE COUNCILS, who's purpose is to set forth limits for their media outlets, to prevent excess perversion, exploitation and sexuality from taking over as it has a tendency to do.   This would be done, by giving the NATIONAL CALIPHATE COUNCIL, the power to judge media produced materials, such as movies, Tv programs, commercial advertising, and most especially public bill boards and window displays of all kinds, AND RANK THEM BASED ON THEIR CLEANNESS, OR LACK THERE OF, in this way when media produced which will be openly shown to the public, MEANING RANDOM CHILDREN MAY SEE IT, falls below a preset ranking scale limit, a percentage tax or large fine can be legally imposed on the producers who profit from such material, and each year their taxation rates for their material will be based on the ranking, such that each piece of work and profits gained from it's production and sale and use will be offset and reduced by this taxation or fines, and as such would be a form of punishment for the producers of smut, and a form of constant daily social pressure to cause media producers TO CLEAN UP THEIR CONTENT, IMPROVE THEIR RANKING, and have a greater profit margins, which will then limit excess smut and sin to only the most necessary forms needed for story line telling. 
   THIS FORM OF TAXATION OR FINES, WOULD ONLY BE FOR PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF ADVERTISING, or anything which can potentially be seen by children somehow, anyhow, which would not include indoor displays in homes, businesses, or any private buildings which ARE NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.    Any structure which is open to the public and may experience the passage of children such as stores, and building lobbies would be subject to display limits.  THIS IS NOT CENSORSHIP, since the books, and films, and pornos, and all manner of sinful material content can still be produced, but when it is aired publicly and may be seen by children such on Tv broadcasting, or on Bill Boards, then it becomes subject to Caliphate council fines and taxation because it may be deemed a negative influence on society.  The giving of this power to the Caliphate council to watch dog the media sets forth a new form of social structure where our streets are cleaned up, our bill boards are not obscene, and women are not encouraged to exploit themselves sexually in every Tv show, magazine AD, and Bill Board.    We must not allow the progression to continue as it will result in our daughters and sons having no values, running around naked having wild loose sex with strangers and not caring if they live, die, or serve any purpose in life, because they are taught too JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME, all of which is Satanic.    WE MUST PUSH BACK... FIGHT BACK...  AND DEMAND A STOP TO THE PROGRESSION, AND CLEAN OURSELVES UP, and a National Caliphate council would make that possible.   Join with me, Caliph of God, and let us save our species from decay.
   THE TRUTH IS, if governments fail to pass laws to create these CALIPHATE COUNCILS, any given nations religious leaders, can if they have any nerve, just form one without government cooperation and become literally a force to be reckoned with.

   THE GLOBAL CALIPHATE COUNCIL  would be made up of approximately >150 member seats, one from each nation on earth, each members seat belonging to one nation who will elect it's representative from it's NATIONAL CALIPHATE COUNCIL MEMBERSHIP BODY, which itself, was formed by electing representatives from each region or state within a nation.  This allows each nation to choose it's godly representative to sit on the GLOBAL CALIPHATE COUNCIL, and serve to do the lords work globally, which is to network the various nations, and their EMPIRICAL ORDER ARMIES, to work together to maximize charitable functions and objectives, and maximize the work potential of each nation.  Also, to work to pressure and watch over all national governments, and any future world government, to ensure they do not drop into old worlds ways of debt slavery and fiat currency schemes which they presently are using. Thus as Caliph of God, I am forced to promote a global economic solution and I would as leader of the GLOBAL CALIPHATE COUNCIL, ORDER YOU ALL TO BEGIN PRESSURING YOUR NATIONS LEADERS TO ADOPT THESE ECONOMIC MONETARY POLICIES TO SET YOUR NATION FREE OF DEBTS, and be able to work side by side with all nations on true global expansion projects.

  SEE ---

   THE GLOBAL CALIPHATE COUNCIL, would work with all NATIONAL CALIPHATE COUNCILS, to set forth terms of fairness so as to promote and enable the Caliphate councils to not just clean up media advertising, but to promote mutual respect for all peoples, races and differences, because we have, A LOT of differences. Examples of this being global acceptance of some undeniable facts of science, with huge social implications such as the fact that 13% of people born are born with a sexual variance, from homosexual tendencies to actual physical parts of both sexes, and that no amount of legislation or oppression will change this fact, 13% of our children have these qualities and it can not be solved by executions or throwing people off buildings, or laws to keep them closeted.  REALITY IS REALITY, regardless of what we may want reality to be.  THIS IS WHAT IS MEANT BY FAIRNESS, because otherwise we have oppression and cruelness towards people for genetic flaws and traits they cannot be blamed for.  IT IS AN EXAMPLE OF ONE GLOBAL ISSUE which must be addressed fairly.  BUT ALSO, fairness works both ways, so while the GLOBAL CALIPHATE COUNCIL should openly promote kindness and understanding and acceptance for that 13%, it does not mean it will allow for the media or political groups to PROMOTE SEXUAL DEVIANT BEHAVIOR as JUST AS GOOD for everyone, which presently is their scheme to change hearts and minds, for if everyone is BI-SEXUAL, then no one will care any more.  THAT IS WHAT WE THE GODLY MUST PUSH BACK AGAINST...  not the homosexuals themselves...  BUT THE MEDIA WHORES WHO SEEK TO CONTROL AND CHANGE THE MINDS OF OUR CHILDREN USING THE MEDIA, ADVERTISING AND TV PROGRAMS...  And you can see it happening everyday... Just turn on your Tv, radio or go to any school.THAT IS WHY WE NEED NATIONAL CALIPHATE COUNCILS, and why we need a GLOBAL CALIPHATE.


IF YOU AGREE, then join with me...  take up this banner...  lead the cause.. for I am just one man.  I can show you the path, but I cannot fight the battles.   I need an army for that.

   THE GLOBAL CALIPHATE IS MEANT TO REPRESENT THE KINGDOM OF GOD, and would be made up of and lead by the worlds top religious leaders, who work within very specific limits, they must take a vow of poverty, they must live in communal housing systems with the meek of the world, and lead the poorest of the poor, into daily efforts to survive and produce and live as one giant family of God.  WE ARE ALL ONE FAMILY, WE ARE ALL THE CHILDREN OF GOD, and if you recognize this, and think this should take priority in your life, instead of wealth and greed, then you can join with whatever % percentage of the world agrees, and together you will build --->  THE EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN ,...   which then...  serves to take care of all the fallen, the forgotten, the lost, the homeless, the poor, and the lonely, as we ARE THEIR FAMILY, and it becomes our mission to form one massive ARMY...   A LITERAL ARMY OF GOD...  which is bent and focused on ending poverty and suffering.    Because all those poor and suffering people are our brothers and sisters, and our father God commands us, the strong to take care of them.  And if you claim to serve God and refuse, then you are representative of why God may soon destroy this world.  

   THE KINGDOM OF GOD, being such, cannot also be the government of man and the issuer and regulator of man's money and exchange systems, most of which are in violation of God's law in the Bible and Koran.   This simple fact means that we must build the KINGDOM OF GOD, as being a '''separate form of society''', which due to it's cooperative awesomeness is able to live directly side by side with the FREE MARKET WORLD, by serving an incredible purpose, which is to be the family of God in each nation, and as such, eliminate the poverty in that nation literally, by organizing the vast labor force of the poor, investing into productive work and gains for them, and using those gains communally over time, under tax exempt status generally to run a super charity service which help, empowers, trains, rehabilitates, and otherwise shows love to all humans who for whatever reason fall from normal working class society and would otherwise be eating trash and begging in the streets.  (GOVERNMENTS CANNOT SHOW LOVE...   but the church can.)


     GOD, ALLAH, OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN....   SHOULD BE FURIOUS WITH HUMANS RIGHT NOW..  AND YOU KNOW IT IS TRUE....    WE HAVE THE MONEY, WE HAVE THE FOOD, AND WE HAVE THE MEANS, but we allow for world wide poverty simply because our leaders are too greedy to try, or too stupid to figure out how to profitably solve the problem...  and it is disgusting.    WELL...  I CAN SHOW YOU THE SIMPLE SOLUTION, but if you are too stupid or greedy to see it, understand it, and use it, THEN such is the judgement and our species future will be limited by it.

  The separation of church and state of AMERICA, should be preserved and made a model, and as such, WE BUILD A CALIPHATE COUNCIL to push back against that governments tendency to be misled by asshole anti-religion and anti-God activists who seek to push their anti-religious agendas.  THEY GO AFTER THE MINDS OF THE CHILDREN, BY FORCING SCHOOLS TO CHANGE THEIR TEACHING, TO FORCE THE SCHOOLS TO PROMOTE NEW STANDARDS, and they flood the media with endless sin to desensitize the public to all this sin, as if it is all normal and fine. IT IS NOT FINE....  IT MAY BE REALITY, IT MAY BE WHAT PEOPLE ARE DOING, but that does not mean...  does not mean..  does not mean WE SHOULD ALLOW FOR BILLBOARDS 30 FEET TALL, 70 FEET WIDE to show almost naked women, or erect men in thin underwear, or promote as normal that women should all be wearing skin tight spandex as if that is proper clothes.  Spandex is skin tight and does not count as clothes, and should be banned from city streets, because it is about as far as clothes can go without women walking around naked.   HOW DO YOU PUSH THE BOUNDARY, WHEN SPANDEX IS NORMAL???   Women start wearing tape for clothes, they start to wear underwear on the street, or demand that nudity be allowed...  HOW FAR CAN WE ALLOW THE PROGRESSION TO GO???     AT WHAT POINT DO WE SAY NO???   NO MORE???   AND DEMAND THAT SOCIETY PUT ON THE BRAKES HARD....   and begin to reverse the horrible influences of our mass media... to instead of promoting loose values and naked bodies... PROMOTE VALUES AND DECENT CLOTHES AS PROPER AND NORMAL... AND OVER TIME..    since advertising works...  OVER TIME..  IT WILL LEAD TO A CHANGE OF MINDS.. OF THE PUBLIC...  BACK TO CLEANER WAYS OF LIVING, INSTEAD OF EVER PROGRESSING INTO LOOSER AND LOOSER AND LOOSER STANDARDS... WHICH CAN ONLY LEAD TO ONE PLACE..  A MODERN SODOM AND GOMORRAH. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT???    or... should we stop, and set some clear standards???
   Put simply, we must base our standards on what science shows to be true, and that is that a percentage % of any nation or society will be GAY, OR OTHERWISE have sexually different properties than the other 87%, (1% are born with mixed parts) and while we can all agree that we as humans, created by God in all these various ways with so many variations, that they must be allowed equal rights and standing under rules of law and acceptance in society, BUT....  IT DOES NOT MEAN THEIR LIFESTYLES OR TENDENCIES NEED TO BE PROMOTED TO THE REST OF SOCIETY AS JUST AS GOOD,    nor should they be expected to like it, accept it, or applaud at it's promotion, BUT since science shows that Allah by nature on average makes humans GAY on a 13% percentage scale, it behooves the rest of society to accept this fact as reality ordained by God, yet since diet is also shown to be able to cause mammals to be born gay, due to hormonal levels in the womb of the mother, it also becomes reasonable based on science to presume that it may be possible to avoid having children in this 13%, by eliminated and reducing estrogen containing foods while birthing males, which means all dairy and soy products. BUT AS THESE FOODS are daily common for all humans the tendency for this 13% to be born is very real and cannot be denied as a fact of science.


   WHY DO WE NEED CALIPHATE COUNCILS????, because in a nation such as the USA, that National Caliphate council  would be made up of almost entirely  by Christians who would HAVE NO CHOICE but to work side by side with all other religions by demographic %percentage to run a MEDIA REGULATION PROGRAM....    to push back against the slow decay of the moral fabric of our society. (Each nations Caliphate Council being made up of %percentage wise members representing the religious demographics of that nation.)