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     Moshenian Economics IN THREE PARTS  -- National / Global / Expansion.


     It presents simple plans for debt free currency systems that any and all nations can use to free themselves of outside influences and forces which have presently enslaved almost all nations to never ending personel and national debts which is MODERN DEBT SLAVERY and must be stopped.


National (USA or any nation) monetary policy : 



The fact is, in 1933 the U.S.A.  GAVE UP IT'S SOVEREIGNTY, and became a debter nation with the NATIONAL BANKING ACT OF 1933, AS SUCH....  FDR... found an unconstitutional way to force all the people(emergency war powers)... to become subject to pay that debt to creditors who then own our nation as collateral.     The problem now being that we owe the debt for not only the 200 Billion a year, plus the commonly known 19 Trillion dollars, but also we would need to re-value all DOLLARS in circulation or risk their devaluation which can add up to 100-200 maybe 300 Trillion dollars.   And so, the problem is, we..  like most nations do not have the gold. we already paid all our gold as interest payments and have run out, and as such, our government has enslaved our people to pay excess taxation to pay the debt to our creditors who NOW RULE OUR NATION, AND WORLD.   
   WE ALL GOT ROBBED....  and I propose a fix... NORMALLY we could not pay off the debt because THAT would require a vault of gold to pay it off, and WE HAVE NO GOLD...   but...   we do have vast land...   with vast mining potential, and if we, say by A constitutional amendment allowed our Federal Government to run vast mining sites using prison labor, then we as a NATION...  could..  have the viable..  realistic...  predictable...  credit potential.. to pay off all our nation's debts.. and revalue our currency to a stable, non-inflationary value, and so end the endless drain which has been the national debt.      I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.
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Global Monetary policy :  A GLOBAL CURRENCY  :


   As should be clear, national debts could in many cases be difficult to pay off with the projected mining resources which may be gained if any nation maximized it's resource potentials on the surface,  short of deep shaft mining efforts., which is why each nation should support the GLOBAL EXPANSION EFFORTS, and the formation of a LIMITED world government, as such affords the credit and funding to allow all nations big and small to SHARE IN THE NEW INTEREST FREE CREDIT POTENTIAL GAINS predicted and fund their own national expansion efforts for GLOBALLY SHARED territory on the OCEANS BOTTOMS, ANTARTICA, THE MOON, MARS, AND THE ASTERIOD BELT all built with this new interest free credit potential .  As such, each nation as investor STAKE HOLDERS IN THE WORLD GOVERNMENT they expect a return, and that return would be in preset % percentage solar system wide mining gains, and colonization, and populating the many Antartic cities, floating islands, under water cities, air floating cities, orbital space bases, lunar colonies, Mars colonies, and eventually nation based launch vehicles which we as a planet will soon send to all local star systems, where it does not matter if we find usuable worlds.  WHAT MATTERS, is that we find usuable asteriod belts of loose matter to collect, mine and process to build ever larger and more advanced space bases for our people to survive no matter what we find at any given star, IF THERE ARE NO PLANETS, THATS OK, for we can build our own space bases, or our own planets over time.      SEE -----  >   GLOBAL ECONOMICS









1) NATIONAL SOVEREIGN CURRENCIES, based on future mining potentials of each nation. (Deep shaft mines can become clean energy generators once they reach depths of 2-10 kilometers.)


2) GLOBAL CURRENCY AND INVESTMENTS, based on international land values, Anartica, and the ocean floors. (The world should share the international lands and allow a world government force to mine it and distribute the resource gains.)


3)  A MASSIVE INVESTMENT POTENTIAL, created by the world recognition of our ownership of our solar system, and since we have the technology and means to begin accessing those resources, we can, with honesty create a FUTURES BASED SECURITY CERTIFICATE...   A FAITH NOTE...   BASED ON OUR BELIEF AND FAITH... that if we make the investments and build the machines.. that we WILL WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY...  PRODUCE GAINS... profitable gains...  over time, and make it possible to pay off all the debt and investments which were made to start the ventures... and the doing of that...  FUNDS..  OUR EXPANSION INTO SPACE...    AN UNLIMITED EXPANSION...  where our species... can begin seeding the stars.  

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