caliph OF GOD :



Caliph of God,  Mosheh Eesho Muhammad Fabio Luis Edwardo Correa Rodriguez Hiraldo Al-faraj Thezion  


Mosheh Thezion WHO LEANS BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT ran for President in 2012 as a Republican, and does so again in 2020 as a Democrat to promote his economic solutions plans to end all world poverty and make it profitable to not only feed and employ the world but to expand our species into all corners of the earth, to the edges of our atmosphere, and up into the edges of our solar system and beyond.  


 Mosheh claimed the title of Caliph of God based on the fact that for whatever reason God has forced him to pursue solutions for poverty, economics, science, religious conflict and all things political, like an OCD, and having pursued  these efforts regardless is compelled to put himself forward as Caliph of God, simply because HE LITERALLY CANNOT FIND ANYONE WHO WILL ARGUE WITH HIM, no nation will respond, no media outlet dares to discuss his economic policy and he finds himself literally in a position of a man surrounded by idiots and morons.  


THAT BEING THE CASE,  Mosheh Issues again a global challenge ...



"To all media whores, economists, politicians, national leaders, think tanks and any moron anywhere on earth with half a brain..  I CHALLENGE YOU TO CONTEST MY CLAIM AND WORTH AS CALIPH OF GOD...  CONTEST MY SOLUTIONS.

       I CLAIM TO OFFER DETAILED WORKABLE SOLUTIONS, and I have pushed them globally for 10 years or more and I cannot find anyone on earth who can show flaw in them.  IF YOU CANNOT FIND FLAW, THEN IF THERE IS ANY GOD IN YOU...  then you will help me, end WAR, end POVERTY, end GLOBAL DEBTS, and start a NEW AGE.    And if not, then honestly, you must be a ashamed of yourself for not being able to argue, and yet still so weak as to not be able to help."




The challenge is made, you who reads this has two choices, read and join with Mosheh, or debate him and be crushed.


 If you adopt the third choice of doing nothing, it is because you are pathetic,  weak, and a bad representative of our species, and this is what it is about... judgement...  ARE WE WORTHY???      Will we save ourselves and rise above our stupid problems of greed and selfishness???   OR... not??  Judgement, belongs to people like you, who can change the world, or do nothing.